Beige Cleo Marcie

Recently, Large Cup Lingerie and Bravissimo got the release of the beige Marcie from Cleo. They seem to have gotten very limited stock for some reason, so when I first found out, LCL had already sold out of 30G. A short while later, I tried on my red 30G Marcie and realized it was too big, so I rushed back to the LCL website and bought the (seemingly last) 30FF.
I'm still trying to figure out what to make of it.


Altered Comexim Ingrid

The last of the three in this order is no stranger to my blog. I've already reviewed it in a 65M with reduced cups and raised gore. This time it's 65J with reduced cups and the straps moved in. If you've read my last two reviews, you know I asked for all three to have the gores also lowered, but only the Pin Up Girl received that treatment so this is the standard height.

65J Comexim Ingrid with reduced cups and straps moved in.

Comexim Joy Plunge

This is the second item from my Comexim order, but the first of the bras.
For the record, my requests on all of the items I ordered were to have the cups reduced, straps moved in and gore lowered. Of the three in the order, only the Pin Up Girl has the lowered gore. Also, I had requested and was charged for the Joy longline with plunge cups instead of half cups. Unfortunately, this is a plunge but not a longline. It's not all bad because I had seen a lot of mixed reviews on the fit of the longline and was getting a little worried, but nevertheless, it isn't what I asked for.

Despite all of that, I'm incredibly happy with this and my order as a whole. I was able to order through the website and leave the alterations I wanted in the comment box at checkout, albeit with mixed results.
I just realized that even though I've owned quite a few Comexim bras, I've never actually ordered from them directly. Manufacturing time for three custom pieces was reasonably quick at two weeks. Once it shipped, it arrived in a surprising 6 days - with plenty of time before my vacation!

65J Comexim Joy plunge with reduced cup height and straps moved in.

Comexim Pin Up Girl Bikini Top

Guys, I'm so super pumped about this thing. I was afraid it wouldn't fit because of all my size fluctuation but it's sooo good! Let's just get right to it!

65J Comexim Pin Up Girl Bikini Top with Reduced cups, lowered gore and straps moved in.


All About Shipping

Shipping is a topic that comes up quite often in the secondhand bra community. Buying and selling your bras seems pretty straight forward (it basically is), but if you're in the US and want to get and provide the best deal, there's a few things you can do to make that happen. You will need a printer, shipping supplies like padded envelopes or boxes and some tape. If you do not have a printer, most of this post won't be of much help, but if you plan (or already do) sell a lot online, I think it would be worth the investment.


Freya Pansy Padded Longline

I came across an amazing deal on a 30G Pansy Padded Longline from Freya and decided to give it a shot. My logic was that now that I've sized down into the "full bust matrix" (D-G cups), it would be a crime not to try any beautiful bras that are cheap enough to justify the gamble. I wasn't sure what to expect since the only Freya I've even tried was a plunge halter bikini top, but this experiment went better than I anticipated.


Cleo Marcie (Also again, but this time in yellow!)

Marcie is yet another friend of mine... for the most part. Purchased used, this bra was a bit too small at first but now it's a slightly different story.


Cleo Lily (Again)

The Lily and I have been friends since the beginning of my proper bra life. There have been ups and downs as you may know, but we're back on good terms now and I hope it stays that way!

30GG Cleo Lily