Comexim Basic

I swapped the Slowianki for the Comexim Basic in a 70L. The cups on it are reduced and the gore raised.

One Month Weight Loss Update

It's been 33 days since I officially started trying to lose weight by counting calories and eating at a deficit along with running in place a couple times a week and most recently; hiking. I've lost roughly 7 lbs and have shrunk about 2 cup sizes so I thought it would be interesting to update on how my bras fit at this point.

I still find 30 bands for UK bras and 70 bands for Polish bras to be more comfortable. I think it might be something I stick to even at my goal weight because I'm over the feeling of super tight bands. I may end up needing 28/65 bands in the end since I have at least 15lbs to go, but if my boobs keep shrinking at this rate, I doubt I'll need the kind of support the tighter bands would provide, anyway.