Ewa Michalak HM Cukiereczek

This is the third and final bra in this particular order of HMs. It's also my favorite of the three despite the shade of pink that's splashed onto it.

Ewa Michalak HM Summer Time

This is the second of the three HM bras I purchased from Ewa Michalak.I've also had it in the SM version, which actually fit me pretty terribly as it was much shallower than SM bras tend to be.
Let's see how this version fares, yes?


Comexim Ingrid

At long last... I've finally received the long awaited Comexim Ingrid. I ordered it with reduced cups and raised gore through Erica at A Sophisticated Pair towards the end of November.
How does it fit? Let's see...

Ewa Michalak HM Sekret Wiktorii

In the middle of the month, I placed what could be my second to last order with Ewa Michalak. That order contained three custom sized HM bras: HM Sekret Wiktorii, HM Summer Time and HM Cukiereczek - all in 70H. I'll cover the Sekret Wiktorii first. I'm expecting to ramble quite a bit in this post, so consider this fair warning :p


Cleo Lily 30HH + 30J

The 30J Review is further down - after the 30HH.

The Cleo Lily is a bra I've had in a few different sizes. Aside from the Cleo Marcie, it's the only other UK branded bra that has "fit" me.

30HH Cleo Lily


Growth Within A Year

I found an old picture I took on December 30, 2013 in my 28GG Marcie and saw a difference in how I looked, so I decided to try something. 
I just snapped a pic of me busting out of my 28HH Marcie, today, and photoshopped them together to compare. I knew I gained some weight and a boat load of cup sizes over the last year, but it's insane to look at the pictures right next to eachother; you can really see the difference. 

As you're probably well aware, I have no bras that fit at the moment, otherwise I might have taken the picture in something that fit better so it didn't look as dramatic, but Marcie to Marcie seemed "fitting" (har har) so I said screw it.
I'd probably guess my size to be 30J/JJ. 

Left - 28GG, Right - 28HH (though, probably more like 30J/JJ)

Is it any wonder why I've had such a hard time with bras? The damn things won't stop growing! If this wasn't proof enough, I don't know what is. 
And I thought my 28GG were big! Ha! Little did I know...


Ewa Michalak PL Slowianki

Here's the post on the previously mentioned PL Slowianki I swapped for. Let's just get right to it, shall we?


So I swapped with someone on Bra Swap last week (/waves). The trade was my 65L Comexim Ivonne for a 70HH PL Slowianki. It arrived in the mail this morning, and after some time with it, a number of different thoughts and feelings have come up. I'm going to address those things first, before I get into the details of the bra itself, in the next post.