Ewa Michalak HM Cukiereczek

This is the third and final bra in this particular order of HMs. It's also my favorite of the three despite the shade of pink that's splashed onto it.

So, again, I'm not a fan of this shade of pink. I prefer the pinks on the Burek or Cynamon, but there's something about this amazing, creamy and very slightly pink beige that makes the rest of these colors looks fantastic. I'll admit I'm tempted to remove the bows to reduce the contrast a little, but I can't say whether that will actually happen or not. I do think it would look even better without them.

The fit of this bra is basically the same as the last two HMs. Yet again, the gore doesn't tack but that's what happens when a bra is too small.

I think the fit is more similar to the Summer Time than the Sekret. The Sekret, so far, seems to be the black sheep (pun may be intended). Unless there is some sort of quirk in the construction, I expect the Fiolecik to fit more like this and the ST than the Sekret. The black material could mean it'll run a bit tighter, if my experience says anything, but since it hasn't even shipped yet, I won't know for a while.

This shade of beige is a little light to be a perfect nude for me; which is weird because I'm usually closer to the color of my boobs than the darker shade on the rest of me. I did spend considerably more time outside last summer, so what else do I expect? Heh
It's definitely passable though, and regardless, it's beautiful and not every bra needs to function as a nude that disappears perfectly under everything.

I really hope this bra (and the others, of course :p) fits eventually. Love, love, love the design - Ewa kills it again.

I'll be updating the HM reviews once I start fitting into them better.

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