Ewa Michalak HM Summer Time

This is the second of the three HM bras I purchased from Ewa Michalak.I've also had it in the SM version, which actually fit me pretty terribly as it was much shallower than SM bras tend to be.
Let's see how this version fares, yes?

Of the three bras in this order, this is my second favorite. Even as a cup or two too small, it still fits better than the SM ever did. The immediate projection is much better and it looks much less sad. As I already mentioned, it is too small, but this is another one I hope to shrink into as I lose weight.

Gore doesn't tack, which is expected, but I look forward to seeing how it fits in a couple months.
As for looks and materials, it's (nearly) identical to the SM version. It's a pretty good nude on me and is no less attractive than the SM. In fact, because it fits me so much better despite being too small, I'm inclined to say it's even more attractive.

The wires in the three bras are actually pretty similar. In fact, aside from some band variance, the measurements between them are nearly identical. The fits are a little different, but it's not super dramatic - at least that I can see.
The profile is round, even on my large side, unlike the Sekret and I think it's because the cups are a little taller so they aren't as small.

As in my SM review, the straps come off an a very odd color in my pictures. They're definitely not as green in person. But speaking of the straps, they're actually considerably narrower than all my other bras. I think they're actually the straps they use for the much smaller sizes because they're about .2" smaller. They also feel like they're set further in towards the middle of my body than normal. I don't normally feel the straps on my shoulder blades, but the ones on the Summer Time, I'm very aware of. It's not immediately uncomfortable, but once I'm of the appropriate size to wear this bra, I'll be able to tell if it worsens with wear.

The band feels pretty good. It's possible it might end up a little big for me at my goal weight, but we'll have to see.

This is one beautiful bra and I'm excited to be able to wear it. If my Cynamon ends up being too small, this could surely replace it as my go to nude. Though I wish it were more dusty pink/cool toned like it's sister the Burek, but I don't hate it by any means.

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