Ewa Michalak PL Slowianki

Here's the post on the previously mentioned PL Slowianki I swapped for. Let's just get right to it, shall we?

UPDATE: I've since swapped this bra for a Comexim Basic with reduced cups and a raised gore.
When trying the Slowianki on under clothes, I wasn't happy with the shape it gave (too bulky and wide for me), and combining that with the fact that it doesn't (and probably won't) fit, it made sense to trade for something that might.


At the moment, this is the most comfortable and best fitting bra, and that isn't saying much - not that this bra isn't just generally comfortable.

As I mentioned in my last post I've probably gained about 10lbs since Thanksgiving and considerably more over the rest of 2014. A lot of that weight has gone to my breasts. When I first started my bra quest, I was initially around 28GG. As of right now, I'm quadding out of bras that fit like 30/32HH - putting me somewhere around 30J/30JJ/32HH/32H. That's a pretty substantial amount. So it's obvious why I've been struggling with finding bras that fit.

Everything I own is too small for me now - and obviously uncomfortable, so I needed something. When I saw the chance to swap my 65L Comexim Ivonne (which didn't even fit when I first bought it, anyway), for this, it was a no brainer.

70HH Ewa Michalak PL Slowianki

Of course it doesn't fit me, though.
Aside from the plunge incompatibility, it turns out I've grown more than I originally thought. This is definitely a cup too small because the gore floats about two finger widths away and I quad a bunch when I press it flat. You can see my boobs touching in the center; a feeling I don't care for, but I can live with this until I either lose weight or find something else that works.

Including more pictures than normal to try to get the fit across, and because 'why not'.

I actually really like this bra, despite any dumpy tone I might seem to have in this post. I remember when I first saw EM post it up, I wished it came in a style that would be more likely to work for me. The red and white paired together isn't a combination you see very often. I feel like it's usually a dark color like black instead of white. Black might have made for a sexier combo, but I think the white makes it more fun, flirty and refreshing.

Speaking of the materials, they're pretty soft, smooth and I don't find myself itching anywhere.

The wires are too high and wide for me, but as is typical of EM bras, their shape makes them bearable.

The band is nicely snug, which would have been surprising a few months ago, because it stretches to 32".
The straps are fully adjustable and are relatively easy to adjust despite the white strip down the center of them.

The PL typically has little pouches for pads to correct asymmetry and this one is no different. Fortunately/unfortunately it turns out I don't need them, but it's always a nice feature to have.

All in all, I'll be keeping this bra until I either lose weight, or I get something to replace it that fits as well or better.
Hopefully the custom Ingrid that I ordered through A Sophisticated Pair hasn't been outgrown before it even gets here.
Fingers crossed.

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