Comexim Ingrid

At long last... I've finally received the long awaited Comexim Ingrid. I ordered it with reduced cups and raised gore through Erica at A Sophisticated Pair towards the end of November.
How does it fit? Let's see...

It doesn't.

65M/30J Comexim Ingrid with reduced cups and raised gore.

I ordered this bra around Thanksgiving and at that time, I still fit in my 28HH Marcie. I remember because I wore it to my parents' house on turkey day and had my mom pop a boob in it in an effort to bravangalize her. It worked... mostly.

What I'm getting at here, is that I was unaware of the growth that would happen between then and now. Once I realized how badly I was busting out of the same Marcie, I suspected I had outgrown Ingrid before it even reached the states, and I was right.

Even though the cups are reduced, I still have empty space at the straps. I wonder if that isn't partly because the bra is too small so my boobs are pushing the cups away from my body and creating more empty space than there might be if it fit.

Despite this bra being a full inch deeper than the 65L/30HH Tropical Garden I had to test size, the gore floats nearly three finger widths away after a few minutes of wearing it - two fingers when I scoop back away from the center.
It's also just short of 4" instead of a little over 3", but it still can't contain and separate my boobs. The wires are softer than other brands I've tried though, which I'm sure is a contributing factor.

Here is where the incredibly positive fit points are.
The wires are 5.6" wide. FIVE POINT SIX INCHES WIDE which is only about .2-5" wider than my roots! I haven't had a bra that narrow since I wore a 65GG in Ewa Michalak's SM bras, over a year ago.
Not only that, but the wings are also only 4" tall. Again, FOUR INCHES!
This bra has officially beaten every bra I've owned in comfort because of those two things. It feels amazing to not be stabbed and rubbed and chafed in the armpit region while wearing a bra that (almost) fits. Why is this combination so freaking difficult to find from any other brand in this size range?!

Unfortunately, this band, while the same length of the Tropical Garden (30"), is currently too tight for me. I have to wear a full extender to feel comfortable. I could probably use a little more length, but it's workable. On the plus side, the three hook band (at least on this bra) is the closest to the same size as my extenders. Ewa's are either too narrow or the hooks are spaced too closely together or both. I've thought about buying extenders directly from EM, but I always forget when I go to place an order. I think I might inquire about it before they ship my Fiolecik.

As for the appearance and materials, this thing is gorgeous. Burnt orange is tied as one of my favorite colors and so the flowers on Ingrid really speak to me. I've wanted this bra because of the print ever since I heard of Comexim and first saw this bra. Love. It.
I know a lot of people are sick of florals or it's just not their style, but this is done so tasteful and beautiful. It's muted and classy but also feminine without being overdone with a ton of pink and whatnot.

The majority of the materials feel like they're pretty nice quality. The only part that feels a little cheap to me is the material used for the straps; they feel a little too much like an elastic kind of paper. It's kind of weird, but not a deal breaker and not necessarily bad.

Between Ingrid's appearance and it's insane level of comfort, I just can't pass this bra up. I'm going to hang on to it and see if it doesn't fit better when I lose a cup or two. If I happen to shrink too much for it, I'll order another immediately. I hope they don't discontinue it any time soon!

Please, bra designers, take note of this! I'm not asking for every bra to have low and narrow wires, but a couple is better than the zero you're all offering now. Even though it doesn't fit me right now and may not ever be completely compatible, Ingrid is fantastic. Comexim knocked it out of the park, in my book.

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