So I swapped with someone on Bra Swap last week (/waves). The trade was my 65L Comexim Ivonne for a 70HH PL Slowianki. It arrived in the mail this morning, and after some time with it, a number of different thoughts and feelings have come up. I'm going to address those things first, before I get into the details of the bra itself, in the next post.

I knew this bra wouldn't be a great fit for me, since it's a plunge and they don't usually get along with center fullness. However, I hadn't tried one that was my right size and so I didn't want to write them off completely. After this, I can safely say I still haven't tried one in my size. I've gained at least a cup, if not two, since the last EM plunge I tried.

Here's some background, first:
I'm 28 years old, 5'4" and *goes to weight herself* about 140lbs. The latter is what's causing my troubles. I keep gaining weight and obviously, my boobs are getting their fair share. Between getting older and being lazy and neglectful, I've let myself go and it's catching up with me - fast. I may still look relatively slim, but as someone who ate indiscriminately and never weighed more than 115lbs, I don't recognize myself anymore. It's no wonder I've been getting passable fits in bands that stretch to 32" and more.

SO! While the Slowianki was a sort of experiment, I was also hoping it would be passable because I've outgrown all of my bras.
Marcie has become too tight in the band and small in the cups. I never found it to be very comfortable anyway, but it was my best fit.
I'm busting out of my Cynamon which was already a cup too small to begin with. And my last two passable bras - Trefl and Czarna Mgielka - are in the same boat as Marcie.
Everything else I technically own, I've been trying to sell for a reason - they didn't fit even when I was smaller. That reminds me *runs to try on the Summer Time again* ... yep, I now quad out of the 70HH Summer Time that was too big when I got it.

I'm still waiting on the custom Comexim Ingrid that I ordered in November. Erica is waiting for the shipment to get out of customs which should be any day now. At this rate, I won't be surprised if it doesn't fit, though, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with it.
I don't even know what to do with the Slowianki, at this point. I need a bra that isn't painful and that I don't bust out of, but even if I lose weight (and who's knows if it'd be from my boobs anyway), it probably won't technically fit, regardless. I might keep it until the Ingrid gets here and if Ingrid is as passable or better, then I'll sell the PL. I'm thinking I'll keep Marcie and Cynamon until I lose some weight and see if they don't fit any better then.

So yeh - it's time to put my 30H Panache Sports Bra to good use, which, after putting it on now, is passable but I almost quad. It says a lot if my short roots are almost quadding out of the tall cups of the Panache Sport.
Also, it needs a full extender, heh.

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