Ewa Michalak SM Frappe

Beautiful bra that makes me sad on the inside *tear* This is the first of three different bras I purchased in a single order (sort of).


Comexim Tropical Garden

I recently went to Erica from A Sophisticated Pair for help with pinning down what size and customizations I need in Comexim's padded plunges. She had a Tropical Garden which she shipped to me so I could see how it fit - here are those results.


Ewa Michalak CHP Ciasteczko

This CHP cut is another halfcup that I'm adding to the list of bras with potential. It's also one that Ewa still makes, unlike the HP, which has been discontinued.


An Altered Marcie

I didn't post a picture of Marcie by itself because I don't have any pictures of it from before I did what I'm about to show you.


Cleo Marcie

Next up is a workhorse of a bra by Cleo (by Panache) named Marcie. This is probably my best fitting bra at the moment. It's not the most comfortable though... at least not after a few hours.

Candy Pink Cleo Marcie in 28HH


Ewa Michalak PL Onyks

I received the PL Onyks today,10.4 along with the HP Cielus. Both of which I purchased used.

Ewa Michalak's plunge bras are loved by many. I hoped I could be added to the list, but I'm not so sure I can be. This Onyks and I dance to a familiar tune - that tune being one of incompatibility, Yes, that's right, another failure to add to the list, for me.

Ewa Michalak HP Cielus

Today will be about the used HP Cielus I purchased recently.

The HP Cielus is another half cup bra from Ewa Michalak. The HP is different from the HM in that the HP is padded, while the HM isn't. I didn't have much luck with this one, but there's a lot of good to be said about it, regardless.


Perfect Cami

The Perfect Cami serves as a camisole you can wear under shirts that might otherwise be too revealing. The twist is that it only covers the same area your bra covers, so you aren't wearing excess, bulky layers where you don't need it.

I placed an order for two last week and they arrived recently, so I thought I would share them.

This is how the Perfect Camis are packaged.


Ewa Michalak HM Halfek Fioletowy

My first review is of the HM Halfek Fioletowy.
This is a beautiful, half cup bra from the Polish brand Ewa Michalak. I purchased it used via the Clothes for Boobs Facebook group.
Unfortunately, it will soon be headed off to it's new home as it's not quite right for me. I'll get into the why, shortly.

HM Halfek Fioletowy


Introduction to Catching Arrows

Hello world.

I used to hate my breasts. I've always wanted a reduction. I remember being in 3rd grade, standing at the teacher's desk while I fiddled with my bra because it wasn't comfortable. Jump to 6th grade and I remember being one of four other girls who were already wearing "d cups" at the age of 11.

I've never had perky breasts. Even in 6th grade, they were not self supporting. They were "saggy" and "ugly" and I thought the only thing they were good for was getting attention from boys. I would think the only reason the boys liked me was because they thought I had nice, big, perky boobs and they might get to see them. They had no idea what they actually looked like and I knew if they found out, I would have never heard the end of it.
I ended up slouching and hunching over because of both their weight and to hide them. Eventually as I got older, it because increasingly awkward for me to find bras that "fit". I would dread even going shopping for them because I knew I was just going to be paying for another hideous torture device that did nothing for my comfort level or appearance. But I thought that's how it was supposed to be. That's how life is supposed to be for women, right? Bras are supposed to chafe and poke and stab and strangle all while falling off you, right? Sports bras are supposed to be worn in twos or threes to create any stabilization and comfort while exercising, right?

But then I started to doubt the system.