Ewa Michalak PL Onyks

I received the PL Onyks today,10.4 along with the HP Cielus. Both of which I purchased used.

Ewa Michalak's plunge bras are loved by many. I hoped I could be added to the list, but I'm not so sure I can be. This Onyks and I dance to a familiar tune - that tune being one of incompatibility, Yes, that's right, another failure to add to the list, for me.

Ewa Michalak PL Onyks 65HH
At first glance, this might look like it fits rather well. And it does... for about 5 minutes and as long as I don't move my upper body. Eventually, my breasts fall into the center and it starts to look more like this:

And then it looks like this from above:

I promise I'm not actually half pink.
My left breast is a little wider than my right, so it ends up furthest into the center. If I wasn't so full in the center, this bra might have actually been pretty good. When I scoop my tissue away from the gore and into the cups, the gore tacks. Of course, as I start to fall in, it starts floating away. It's weird because you might initially think a lower gore would be good for center fullness because it leaves ample room for said fullness. Unfortunately, gravity just pulls my breasts further and further out of the cups and into the middle. If I have super firm tissue, it would probably work better, but sadly, mine leans more towards the soft side.

The height of the cups isn't too bad. I don't feel like I'm drowning in fabric, even when I ignore the fact that it's a lower cut. Speaking of the lower cut, I do think the plunge is flattering. If I was one who liked to show off my cleavage, I might be more inclined to keep this bra because it does just that.

The shape the Onyks gives me is slightly more pointy than other Ewa bras I've tried, though I don't mind it at all. Looking at the side profile, I feel like this style also minimizes a little, as well. Going back to the front view, there does seem to be some east/west going on. Two things coupled together are probably part of why the Onyks gives the cleavage it does. 

Wing height is ok, though I could always use lower. Compared to the HP Cielus which I found incredibly comfortable, this one isn't as much. Not only was I a little more aware of the wires in this bra, but the amount of support isn't the same. Despite this size being a decent match, there's an insane amount of bounce and next to no control. 

I think part of the reason for all the bounce is the straps and band are pretty stretchy. The band can reach up to 32" which is more than I prefer for support, but is pretty comfortable on the skin. With four rows of three hook and eyes (as usual), I could easily wear the band tighter. Again, this bra was purchased used, so it could be well worn, but it is still in great condition.

The Onyks comes with a second pair of "comfort" straps that you can use instead. 
The straps on the Onyks are removable and are accompanied by a second pair that have additional padding on them. They're also much wider and are only half adjustable, unlike the others. I do like the way the comfort straps look, but I can't adjust them as much as I need to be able to wear them.

The Onyks is on the plainer side, while still being attractive. The matte black fabric looks and feels nice and there's little detailing here and there that's done in a shinier material to spice it up. I should note that it has pockets for cookies to help with asymmetry but they didn't come with my bra as it was pre-owned.

I would have liked the Onyks to work for me, if only to open up another style option for me, from Ewa. I do think this one is attractive, but I'm growing tired of black bras... especially ones that don't work for me!

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