Comexim Tropical Garden

I recently went to Erica from A Sophisticated Pair for help with pinning down what size and customizations I need in Comexim's padded plunges. She had a Tropical Garden which she shipped to me so I could see how it fit - here are those results.

I'll be honest, the Tropical Garden isn't my cup of tea when it comes to design. I've had my fill of black bras and unless it's something particularly unique or special, I won't usually go for them. I've also never been one who likes tropical themed prints as the typically bright colors kind of put me off. The florals on the TG aren't especially tropical, but when you pair it with the black, it's too much for me.
The materials aren't the most luxurious you'll find either, but it shows in the price, so I won't complain.

But! I didn't go into this for the bra in particular - I got it to test the fit, so let's get into it.

Comexim Tropical Garden in 65L/30HH
Because Comexim tends to run small in the band and cup and I wear a 28HH in Marcie, Erica suggested I try a 30HH/65L. The fit isn't too far off, though it's a little small and comes with the usual fit quirks that I tend to get.

On me, this is a lot of bra. The cups are too tall, too small and the gore floats a lot. Luckily, that's where the cons end and the pros begin.

You can see here, the amount of empty space I have at the straps. Speaking of the straps, they're fully adjustable and on the stretchy side. If I compare this bra to the 65HH(30HH) Onyks, the fit is similar, but this one feels more supportive. The gore is higher, though neither tack, and there's less bounce in the Tropical Garden.

Left: Tropical Garden - Right: PL Onyks

I've included a picture comparing the side view of both the TG and the Onyks.

The TG has considerably less coverage under the arms than the Onyks does. As a result, it's infinitely more comfortable. Aside from my roots being short, I also don't have a lot of tissue towards the sides, which I suspect is because most of it went to the center. I bring this up because one might think I need a different style than the TG because tissue often tries to escape on the sides. In my case, my breasts are rather empty in that area, so there isn't anything there to escape.
So to me, the cut Comexim has here is much more ideal. I mean why have excess fabric where you don't need it? Especially when it's usually uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Comexim only does three rows of three hook and eyes as opposed to Ewa's four rows. Still, three is better than Cleo's two, in my opinion.
As for the fit of the band, it's just about perfect. It stretches toa bout 30.5", so it's snug without being constricting, on me. The material is soft and not irritating at all.

Now that we've seen what can be improved, Erica and I have decided to go with a 65M/30J with reduced cups and raised gore in a bra I absolutely love - Ingrid.

Image Source: Undiegamer
This is further proof that I love neutrals (especially beige), though it's definitely more girly than Ciasteczko.
Erica suspects the bra to arrive before the holidays, so look forward to a post on this beauty in the coming weeks.

Bonus for those who've made it to the end of the post; if all goes well with Ingrid, I'll also be grabbing a Veronique in January.
Both cause much swoon!

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