Ewa Michalak HP Cielus

Today will be about the used HP Cielus I purchased recently.

The HP Cielus is another half cup bra from Ewa Michalak. The HP is different from the HM in that the HP is padded, while the HM isn't. I didn't have much luck with this one, but there's a lot of good to be said about it, regardless.

Ewa Michalak HP Cielus 65H
I had a feeling that this bra would be too small for me because the HM Halfek was already a bit small in a 65H and the padded bras are said to run a bit smaller. I really wanted to give it a try anyway, because you never know for sure how something will fit until you put it on. 

It's pretty obvious this bra is too small for me by at least one cup, though I might say maybe two. The gore doesn't tack, of course, but it seems to be a similar distance to the Halfek which wasn't as far off in size as this is. To the touch, it feels like there's a little more room in the lower middle area of the cups, but it may just be because my breasts are forcing things to happen. 

Now I know half cups are supposed to be very revealing, but I'm pretty sure this is a large amount of overspill - which my center fullness only exaggerates. 
Aside from the spillage, it's really comfortable. I knew people liked Ewa's padded styles a lot, and I could understand why, for the most part, but now I really can't blame them. This thing is super soft. Granted, it's been broken in by it's previous owner, but hot damn, I really wish this fit me. It's like my boobs are resting on cottony clouds. It's awesome.

The wires feel pretty good for the short time I had the bra on. Could be narrower and lower, but I wasn't constantly aware of their presence, which is nice. The shape is quite round, though it seems a bit wider set than I'm used to. While I had it on, I didn't notice any wrinkling at the bottom of the cups which usually happens when a bra doesn't have enough immediate projection. They could eventually show up if I wore it long enough, but it's not the right size to begin with. 

The straps are similar to ones found on the Frappe and Summer time, though I think they're a tad less stretchy. They're also easier to adjust despite the detailing down the center of them. Also, they are fully adjustable. 

The band feels just about perfect, which I'm sure is at least partly due to being pre-owned. Nevertheless, it stretches to a little over 30" which is in the middle of my preferred measurement range. The fabric is also very soft with no scratchy bits whatsoever. There's also the typical four rows of three hook and eye closures. 
I don't know how "loved" this bra was before coming to me, but this band might have run rather small/firm if it fits me like this, now. 

Appearance-wise, I like the Cielus. It's rather plain, but because I'm not someone who has owned a lot of padded bras, it's a welcomed change to what I'm used to. Definitely not something to write home about, but it does serve as a wonderful nude for pale skin tones. It seems to come off as ever so slightly green toned on me. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or what, but it's ok, I don't hate it.
Besides, this thing is just insanely comfortable... and who doesn't love comfort?

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