Perfect Cami

The Perfect Cami serves as a camisole you can wear under shirts that might otherwise be too revealing. The twist is that it only covers the same area your bra covers, so you aren't wearing excess, bulky layers where you don't need it.

I placed an order for two last week and they arrived recently, so I thought I would share them.

This is how the Perfect Camis are packaged.

The package originally came in your typical gray mailing envelope. Inside that is this little ziplock type baggie. There's a handwritten thank you card in there, along with an advert and two mesh baggies - each containing a Perfect Cami.

Advert card which helps demonstrate what exactly the product is, what it does and how to put it on.

Mesh baggie with a Perfect Cami inside.
This first cami is the Petal Scallop Lace Mini Camisole

The other is a Basic Solid Mini Camisole
*My camera somehow turned the center of this one a reddish hue. That's not actually there in person; it's just plain black.

They actually attach to your bra by a rather soft velcro loop that has an adjuster that's just like ones you find on bra straps, to accommodate different widths of straps. Here's what that looks like:

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The back of the cami doesn't actually cover much of your back, either. It's just a band of a sheer mesh fabric that will basically only cover the band of your bra - pictured below.

And here's what they look like while wearing them:

I'm wearing the 65J Ewa Michalak SM Trefl in the above pictures as that's probably a bra I would wear under these because it's black. The only thing I didn't account for, and I'm not sure I would blame the camis, is that the SM bras have a wider, triangular piece of fabric that connects the straps to the cups, so I have to attach the cami rather high up onto the straps where there's more room.

The cami actually comes in different attachment sizes to accommodate different sized straps. I got the .5" - 1", but it also comes in .25" and one that will work with straps that are over 1".

They also come in different general sizes - from small to XXL. There's even a full figure range, so these should fit a wide range of people.  For reference, the ones I have are size Large. If you need further help in deciding on what size to get, Erica, over at A Sophisticated Pair, has a detailed post (and video!) on measurements that should work with what sizes. I believe she even carries them in her store now, too.

As someone who owns a couple pieces of clothing that are lower in the back but doesn't want her bra band showing, this could be a little better. It's a little loose, but that's easily fixable. The main, small gripe I have with it is that the back is pretty transparent. I can certainly understand the decision to go with a sheer mesh fabric; it coincides with the whole concept of being able to wear a cami without actually wearing a cami - as little fabric as possible... I just wish it made my bra band a little less conspicuous as it's just a tad awkward as is. I might stick to wearing my crappy fitting Forever 21 bandeau when I wear stuff with a low back. We'll see.

Lace cami over Trefl.

Apologies for the tilted camera angle.

I'm wearing the basic cami under a sweater that I normally have to adjust quite a bit to make sure I'm not flashing too much. I'm relatively short at 5'4", so most people are taller than I am and can therefore see into my shirt. I can get a little paranoid about how much people can actually see, so the cami works really well for me as it gives me piece of mind.

Bending over a bit at the waist - still covered!

The view from above while standing up straight.

Here's the same sweater without the Perfect Cami:

Sweater is sitting slightly lower, but because it's oversized, it moves easily and often reaches this position.
Bending over again:

To cover my bases, I'm including pictures of the cami over Marcie. These show not only the level of transparency of the basic when wearing a brightly colored bra, but also how much or little coverage you can get with it, depending on how high or low it's placed on your bra straps.
The basic cami covers my pink Marcie rather well. Keep in mind though, that this isn't in direct sunlight so it might show through more depending on the lighting.

Basic cami over 28HH Cleo Marcie
The lace cami doesn't fare as well as the basic when it comes to hiding Marcie, but I wouldn't expect that from lace.

This last picture shows the bra coverage from the side. If you have a lot of tops that are low and open at the sleeve area, this may or may not cover your bra there, if you were hoping it to.
It covers better when it's worn higher up on the straps, but the coverage still isn't great. I could have gotten by with a medium instead of a large, and that might have solved this little quirk for me. I might just try putting a couple stitches by the armpit to take care of the excess fabric and bring it up tighter towards my arm.

In the end, the Perfect Cami serves it's purpose nicely. I've never really been one to wear tanks or camis under my tops because they always ride up and it was just another thing I had to keep adjusting. This gives me the coverage without the unnecessary materials, which I imagine is just what they set out to do.
Mission Accomplished, I say.

*I'm not affiliated with Perfect Cami. I purchased these with my own money and these are my own opinions.

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