Ewa Michalak SM Frappe

Beautiful bra that makes me sad on the inside *tear* This is the first of three different bras I purchased in a single order (sort of).

This bra is up there on the "one that got away" scale. I actually bought it in both a 70H and 70HH and neither fit. I might have been able to salvage the 70H by putting a couple stitches in the top of the cup, but that would have only fixed one issue. In the end, I put them both up for sale and the 70H is already in it's new home.

Ewa Michalak SM Frappe in 70HH
 This bra is probably the softest bra I've ever had in my entire life. The lace cups are soft with a slight bit of stretch to them. The band is seriously silky smooth. It feels great against the skin. I also love the color. The brownish taupe isn't a color you see very often in lingerie. I really wish it would have worked for me.

As you can see, the cups are too big on me. I also got considerable gaping in the 70H. Despite the gaping, neither gores tack, so it's not a size issue, but a shape issue. Definitely too open on top, and perhaps a bit too shallow in the center, for me. 

It's hard to take pictures at the same angle every time to properly compare, but I'm noticing a trend as I write about these bras. Despite the wires on this bra being 6.3" wide, they look much much narrower than all the other bras I've shared so far and I believe I've figured out why.
This band is a true 32/70 and stretches to 32.8". Some of you might already know where I'm going with this... the wires are being stretched wider in the bras that are tighter on me. With a BTT of 27.5" and a snug of 29", I can only stand bands that stretch up to 31" or so, before the band moves around a bunch and I feel unsupported. Some people might be able to handle a looser band than that, but these things are pretty heavy for my relatively small frame and I need the support and security of a tighter one. 

Anyway. The wing height is the highest of all so far clocking in at a whopping 5" tall. You can see it's literally in my armpit. This is unacceptable to me and I can't imagine how things will be if my boobs keep growing. I know it would only get worse. Thinking about it, I believe my ideal size is actually more like 28H/30GG, if only I could find a bra that has the perfect shape with all the kinds of projection I need, as much as I need and where I need it. I have to keep sizing up to get the proper depth and whatnot, resulting in high and stabby this and wide and chafey that. I mean, my breasts are definitely bigger for my body than perhaps they should be, but I don't think that should be an excuse to have to compromise so damn much. 

Apologies for the strap detailing being wonky. There's a few loops that are folded over.

I wish I could handle a looser band because there is no digging in with this one at all. It looks and feels comfortable in that respect. One thing I will say though, is that the straps are super super stretchy and really difficult to adjust because of the detailing on them. You can see how much I had to adjust them to compensate for the stretch. They were so hard the move that it hurt in an opening a tightly sealed jar kind of way. Not pleasant. At least you know they won't budge once you get them into place, though. 

Aside from my nitpicking at my general bra fit and whatnot, I do still like this bra and wish it worked for me. I think it would do nicely on someone who's a little more FOT than I am. 

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