Ewa Michalak CHP Ciasteczko

This CHP cut is another halfcup that I'm adding to the list of bras with potential. It's also one that Ewa still makes, unlike the HP, which has been discontinued.

I bought this bra used through braswap and was excited to try it out.
It's an odd thing... Growing up, all the ill-fitting bras I had were in basic colors - white, beige and black. When I finally found my real size a year ago, I was excited to buy all the bras in fun colors and prints. While I still love bold bras, I consistently find myself gravitating toward the basic options, instead.

Neutrals are easy, but they can also be sleek, minimalistic and clean. I also think beige in particular, can be feminine without screaming princess and that really appeals to me.

The lace on the band of the Ciasteczko is definitely feminine - there's no denying that. But because the cups are so plain, the lace is balanced out nicely and in turn, serves as added flair to an otherwise simple bra. The sprinkling of off-white flowers on the beige lace is a nice touch that creates more subtle interest.

Ewa Michalak CHP Ciasteczko in 60HH
There is no doubt that this bra does not fit me. The depth of the cups is only 11.2" which is quite a bit smaller than sister sizes of other EM bras I've tried. As it stands now, it's at least two cups too small for me.
The fact that it doesn't fit, doesn't detract from the comfort of the cups. They're very soft, smooth and would surely be amazing in the right size.

Talk about cakes on a plate... amirite?
Above, you get a better idea of just how much quadbob I get in this size. Otherwise, the shape is very round and projected.
The straps aren't terribly difficult to adjust despite the detailing on them which hasn't always been the case. They're also fully adjustable and are quite comfortable.

As seems to be usual with halfcups, the wires sit a bit wide. They fact that the band is a little tighter than I'd prefer, doesn't help them either. It's not unbearable though, because the wings are rather low at 4". I don't know how well it will translate to the size I would need for this to fit, but it gives a little hope.

I'd like to note the black spot on the cup. There's another on the other cup as well and they were there when I bought it.

As I've mentioned, the band is tighter than I tend to prefer, but it's not unbearable, which I suspect is because it was well loved by it's previous owner. I would say this particular bra fits like a loose 28 or tight 30.

Because I didn't go into the transaction expecting the bra to fit, I'm not terribly disappointed. Of course I wish it did, but at least I was able to try another CHP - and in a size that's too small instead of too big.
I wish I could comment more on the fit, but I will say that the top of the cup seems to be a bit closed off and cuts into my even shape. I suspect it would be ok in my proper size, but if I were FOT, I'd do more research on the Ciasteczko before buying from someone.

This Ciasteczko further cements the idea that halfcups and I could probably live in harmony if they're in my size. As for this 60HH, it'll be on to a new home.


  1. I just received the bra, and it's awesome! I had another one that was altered down from an 85G to about a 55-60 band and about a J cup or so, and it was great, so I knew I wanted to get this one when I saw it posted. The band is a bit loose, and I am wearing it on the middle hooks right now, and can easily close it on the tightest, but since I'm usually a 26 band, this wasn't surprising. The fit is fantastic, though! The wires are a bit wide, but not uncomfortably so, and the shape it gives is perfect-just need to move the straps in as per my standard alteration, and it'll be a go-to staple! Thank you so, so much! =^__^=

    1. Holy crap, sorry for the super late response! Holidays are definitely keeping me on my toes...
      It was insanely comfortable when I tried it on, so I'm jealous but also really glad it worked out for you! Hopefully I'll join the club of happy CHP owners some day soon :p

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