Introduction to Catching Arrows

Hello world.

I used to hate my breasts. I've always wanted a reduction. I remember being in 3rd grade, standing at the teacher's desk while I fiddled with my bra because it wasn't comfortable. Jump to 6th grade and I remember being one of four other girls who were already wearing "d cups" at the age of 11.

I've never had perky breasts. Even in 6th grade, they were not self supporting. They were "saggy" and "ugly" and I thought the only thing they were good for was getting attention from boys. I would think the only reason the boys liked me was because they thought I had nice, big, perky boobs and they might get to see them. They had no idea what they actually looked like and I knew if they found out, I would have never heard the end of it.
I ended up slouching and hunching over because of both their weight and to hide them. Eventually as I got older, it because increasingly awkward for me to find bras that "fit". I would dread even going shopping for them because I knew I was just going to be paying for another hideous torture device that did nothing for my comfort level or appearance. But I thought that's how it was supposed to be. That's how life is supposed to be for women, right? Bras are supposed to chafe and poke and stab and strangle all while falling off you, right? Sports bras are supposed to be worn in twos or threes to create any stabilization and comfort while exercising, right?

But then I started to doubt the system.

In December 2013, at 27.5 years old, I decided I was fed up with how my 32DDD bras from Victoria's Secret were fitting. I was constantly adjusting my boobs as they were always falling out the bottom. They looked sad and were uncomfortable and I thought it had to get better than this.
I stumbled upon Bravissimo's website in my search for new bras, armed with the "knowledge" that the VS fitter suspected I might be a 30DDD instead. I ended up purchasing three random but beautiful bras in 30E (Bravissimo Moulin Rose, Panache Clara and Panache Floris) and anxiously awaited their arrival, only to be utterly disappointed...
They did not fit. Not even close.
I could barely fit half of a breast into it's cup and I didn't understand why. So I took to the internet again and searched for how to find a bra that fits. I then found the subreddit ABraThatFits, and for better and worse, that's when my boob life changed. I was actually a 28GG/30G. No wonder everything else felt like a flaming dagger from hell. My old bras were about half the size they should have been.

I read up on everything I could. It was all making sense and I was starting to see the light. I didn't have to hate my boobs anymore. It's not my fault that nothing ever fit. It's the bras, the media, the corporations and society. There are sizes that exist above a"DD" and in fact, those sizes do not automatically equate to porn star. While we're at it, no, true "DDs" aren't even big. It's just easier and more profitable for bra companies to only manufacture an incredibly small number of sizes in one or two shapes instead of the 90+ sizes that actually exist. They just develop a sizing method to make sure all their customers can fit into those limited sizes and voila! Profit! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, amirite?

Anyway, it's all bullshit. It's not you, it's the bra. You don't have to be uncomfortable or in pain or even hate your breasts. You can find something better. No... something amazing! And that's what this blog is about. It's my search for a comfortable and attractive bra and many more like it. It's an attempt to help bring more attention to proper bra fit while not compromising on aesthetics and comfort.
So let's begin... shall we?


  1. Great new blog, look forward to reading more! I too have never had perky breasts, mine have been "saggy" since puberty. So I have soft tissue breasts, and also took awhile to find my correct size. I used to wear a 38D for most of my teens/20s until finding out a few years ago that I'm actually a 34FF.


    1. Thanks for the kind words!
      It's too bad we had to go so long before finding out the truth about bras. I know I would have been a much happier kid if my bras had actually fit me.
      Better late than never, that's for sure!

  2. Welcome to the bra blogging world! :D Looking forward to reading more. Cheers x