Ewa Michalak SM Cynamon

The Cynamon is by far my favorite bra from Ewa Michalak, so far.

To me, it's seriously the best beige bra. Probably because it's not boring by being 'just a beige'. It passes very well as a nude for me and disappears under even sheer tops. Cynamon is more of a pink beige, and so I feel it blends in quite well with my cool toned skin. The color of the band is a truer beige than the cups, while still being rather cool toned as well. The little pearl charm that hangs under the bow on the gore is unique and understated. I feel like the Cynamon could be considered in the realm of the "middle market" you might have read about in various lingerie blogs. It's rather neutral in design, to me. It doesn't scream sex and isn't overly feminine. Sure the lace is a bit girly, but it's quite subtle.

Ewa Michalak SM Cynamon 70GG
This is the other, better fitting SM bra I have and I've been trying to figure out why that is. 
As you might have noticed, this is a 70GG. I think for this bra, a 70H would be perfect, but alas, they've sold out of that size. I did have this in a 70HH as well, but that one was much too big for me in the cups. 
The gore doesn't tack, unfortunately, which is why I think a 70H would be better. It's not super far away though, and because I like this bra so much, I'm willing to give it a pass.

It seems like this bra is a little deeper along the center, which is why this fits me better than other SM bras. It's also more closed on top, so it lays perfectly flat against my skin. If there were as much depth at the gore as Marcie has, I think this size would be flawless. 

This looks like some pretty excessive empty space by the strap. If the gore would lay flat, I believe that space would be filled out a bit more. This is also another thing I overlook. 
Something interesting to note, I actually used to own this bra in the same size, but I sold it. It was back when I was starting to outgrow most of my bras and so I had intended to buy this in a 70H. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to place my order with Ewa, the 70H was sold out and so I bought the same size I had previously. If I still had it, I think the other one might have fit me better than this one. The cups were considerably more narrow than this one (6.1 vs 5.7) and the gore was quite a bit lower, as well (3.4 vs 3). It kind of sucks how different two bras that should be practically identical, are. It shouldn't be much of a surprise though, knowing how inconsistent Ewa's bras are said to be. 

Wing height is still pretty tall on this one, despite the fact that it's a 70GG. It measures in at 4.8" - so it has the height of a 70HH SM. I don't think it's supposed to be that way, but what do I know. 
It's still rather comfortable as it's just short of hitting my armpit, but extended wear can be more punishing. 

The band on this particular bra is a teensy bit tighter than it could be, but it's still good with about 30" of stretch. My old one actually stretched to about 32" which seems insane to me. So much variance between the two bras! 
Either way, the band is totally wearable and it's material is almost as smooth at the band on the Frappe. The straps are fully adjustable and aren't super stretchy like the straps on the Frappe and Summer Time. 

I guess I've made it pretty obvious how much I love this bra. I needed it in my life so badly that I bought it in a size I had previously owned and knew didn't fit perfectly. I don't care, though! It's beautiful, is a passable fit and serves as a wonderful nude for me.

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