Ewa Michalak SM Summer Time

The Ewa Michalak SM Summer Time is one of three bras that I purchased in the same order. The previously shared Frappe being another.

The Summer Time is similar to the Burek, for those familiar with it. Where the Burek was more cool toned, the Summer Time is warmer. Instead of pink, Summer Time is orange or beige. If there's one thing Ewa Michalak knows how to do, it's design a bra; especially an unpadded one. 

Ewa Michalak SM Summer Time 70HH

Unfortunately, as you might have guessed, this one didn't work out for me either. The reasons are also mostly the same as the Frappe, but Summer Time isn't as soft. 

The embroidery on the cups is very similar to the Burek and is just as beautiful. It's also the same kind of SM with a cup that's more open on top. I had this in a 70H as well and I had similar issues as this one. Gaping and bagging at the top of the cups with a gore that doesn't tack. This particular style of SM is just too open for my short, even breasts and the SM in general, is too shallow in the center. 

Aside from the fit, I love the design of this bra. The criss-cross pattern on the gore and wings is a subtle and adorable touch. The light peach bows compliment the rest of the coloring perfectly.

The wires on the Summer Time are the same width as the Frappe - 6.3". The wing height is at 4.8" instead of 5", though. Still much too high for me.

For some reason, the colors of the back of the bra are turned rotten by my camera and I have no idea why. I didn't want to leave out a picture of the band though, so I'll add more pictures that I took with my cell phone to help show a truer representation.

The straps are the same stretchy material as the Frappe and have the same detailing that makes them difficult to adjust. As mentioned previously though, at least you know they won't be self adjusting!

The band stretches to about 32" so I would call it a true 32. It's a bit too loose for me, but it's better than the Frappe in that regard. I wonder if I could handle a band this loose if the cups fit properly. Perhaps one day I will figure out the answer to that question.

I'm curious, which do you prefer? The warmer tones of the Summer Time? Or the cooler tones of the Burek?

Ewa Michalak SM Burek - Image Source allsfairinloveandlingerie

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