Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgielka

The next bra is one I've owned in a few different sizes and none of which fit particularly well.

The Czarna Mgielka and I have had a love/hate relationship for some months now. I used to own it in a custom ordered size of 65H. It was probably about a cup too small then but I kept it because it was another favorite. Fast forward a few months to when I grew, I decided to sell it and get a bigger size. I bought it in both a 70H and 70HH because I knew the 65H was at least a cup too small and was afraid it was how the style ran in general. It would seem I was right because the 70H was much too small and even the 70HH still doesn't fit, I'm not even sure I would call it passable.

This bra is definitely more shallow than any other SM I've had. It holds my breasts really high and close to my chest which feels supportive. It's also quite the looker. The super sheer mesh makes it light, airy and delicate but the fit feels more industrial and sturdy. The lace along the top of the cups is a quiet detail that I appreciate, but it might have been just as nice without it. As someone who has lusted over Miss Mandalay's Paige, this had the potential to be that for the (even) fuller bust, but considerably more sheer!

Hopefully the last two pictures show just how much this bra lifts and holds my boobs. It's a pretty tight fit and so it should be no surprise that the gore doesn't tack on this bra either. It feels really secure despite that, but it still bugs the crap out of me.

Despite a depth of 12.1", it feels like there's no room in the cups for my boobs. The apex is quite high and the bottom is rather shallow, as is the center. The wings are short of 5" and the wire is 6.3" wide. There isn't too much empty space despite the wires being too wide and I suspect it's because of how much the cups are squishing my boobs - they're pushing tissue into my armpits.

Even though the picture quality is bad, you can probably still tell how tight this bra is on me compared to others. The band stretches to a firm 29.5". That would have been the perfect length back when I loved super tight bands, but it's a bit much for me now. I've taken to wearing this with an extender and it's more comfortable that way.

Adding this bra to the list of ones that I wish would work for me. I've worn it a few times, but I don't know if I love it enough to justify keeping it knowing how off the fit is.

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  1. I wish my full blood sister would wear this kind of bra around the house. Or better yet, just walk around naked just to show her brother her HOT PERFECT body!!!