Comexim Ivonne

One of two bras that I've tried from Comexim and what feels like the millionth bra that sadly, just doesn't work for me.

It feels like the list is never ending... The brands that were most recommended to me when I started my bra quest have given me the most trouble and been the least successful. They sure are the prettiest, though!

Comexim is another Polish brand that is loved in the bra fitting world for their narrow wires and deep cups. The unpadded styles, in particular, were said to have the most immediate projection, and I do believe that to be correct, if this bra is any indication.

I recently read that Comexim bras are designed with omega shaped breasts in mind. I don't know how true that is, but that should be right up my alley. Alas, this bra is quite the disaster on me.

But let's talk about the design first.
I love the color. It's a sort of purpleish taupe with sort of faded apricot colored bows. The straps are a bit more of a beige taupe and there's a lot of detailing on the cups and the bottom of the gore. The material is silky smooth and has a bit of a shine to it, though it's not excessive.

As usual, here's where the negatives start piling up.
There's a considerable amount of empty space at the straps - it looks like more than usual. The top of the cups don't lay flat and the gore doesn't tack. When I press the gore flat against my sternum, I don't get any quadding. The wires are pretty soft and flexible which I imagine can be both good and bad since they aren't strong enough to be super stabby but that means they also aren't strong enough to handle a heavy bust. My breasts are sitting a bit low and look a little sad in this bra.

The straps sit really close to my armpit and so they feel wider set than they are. The wire is just as wide as an Ewa Michalak bra, at 6.3". The wing is also on par with EM with 4.7" of height. You can see the amount of immediate projection in the first picture. The cups let my breasts hang over and even lower than the underwire. The cups are pretty deep: 12.3". I think that's part of the reason why I'm not getting as much lift - my boobs are projected a little too far. It lacks projection at the center so the gore won't tack despite the amount of cup space I have to fill. I do think the weight of my breasts is also causing the gore tilt away because the wires are too soft to hold their own.

This band stretches to around 30". I might prefer it a little looser, but it's hard for me to say with the cups being such a poor fit. This bra has three rows of hook and eyes as opposed to Ewa's four rows. Three is still adequate as I've yet to own a bra that I would be able to wear long enough that the other rows are needed, but more is usually better.

The straps are fully adjustable but rather long. I had to adjust them to the tops of my shoulders to get the amount of lift and shaping you see here.

I bought this bra from another Bratabase member and so I can't comment on the ordering process, unfortunately. I do have my eye on their Ingrid and a few new styles they have coming out. I've already emailed them because I wanted to see what size they would suggest for me based on how this and one of their padded bras fit me. They got back to me and told me to try 70K or L. I'm really skeptical about that because a 70K is the same volume as this Ivonne and it's a disaster... let alone going a up a cup to the 70L. I do know they will customize their bras for you, so that's something I'm confident would be necessary if I want their bras to work for me. A reduced cup height is at the top of that list, and perhaps a lowered gore so I can finally get one that tacks ona polish bra. I'll have to do more research first and keep you guys posted!

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