Ewa Michalak HM Sekret Wiktorii

In the middle of the month, I placed what could be my second to last order with Ewa Michalak. That order contained three custom sized HM bras: HM Sekret Wiktorii, HM Summer Time and HM Cukiereczek - all in 70H. I'll cover the Sekret Wiktorii first. I'm expecting to ramble quite a bit in this post, so consider this fair warning :p

With all the trouble I've been having with bras because of the growth, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I've gained about 20-25lbs over the last year or so and I intend to lose it, which will likely mean a reduction in cup size, though how much... only time will tell.  
If I was a 28GG or so at the beginning of last year while around 115lbs, and I don't expect to lose all of the cups I've gained, I'm hoping I'll land in the 70H range. I have some months until I find out for sure, but I'm pretty optimistic.
I sure wouldn't hate going smaller than I started as, but I definitely wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

In any case, that's part of the reason I decided on 70H for these HMs - that and they wouldn't make a bigger size and I didn't want to shrink out of them (at least not too quickly). 

Enough of that, though! 

70H Ewa Michalak HM Sekret Wiktorii
I want to start off this bra talk by saying that I actually placed my order for these bras a day before Ewa had released some new ones - one of which is what might be the last bra I buy from them: HM Fiolecik. I actually wanted to replace this bra with the Fiolecik and I emailed them asking to do that the same day they released the new bras. Unfortunately, I was told that because they had started work on my bras already, it wasn't an option. It had taken them two or three days to respond to my request, which I suspect is a part of the reason why it wasn't possible. 
Ewa did say I would be able to buy the Fiolecik in 70H for the sale price they had launched with, despite the fact that they had been raised back to full price by the time they finally responded. Actually purchasing the bra took an extra week as they took two+ days to respond to each emial I sent, and there was some confusion in between as well. This little hiccup in customer service isn't actually impacting my potential to shop with them again all that much, though. 
The main reason it might be my last is because I can't seem to find a bra that actually fits well in their lineup. Their gores just won't tack on me which really sucks because I love their designs to death and their wires are wonderfully U shaped, which is so much more comfortable for me. I just don't see too much point in continuing to buy their bras if they never fit well and I always end up selling them. Though to be fair, my growth is also responsible for having to sell them all, regardless. I'm not crazy about padded/lined bras because they add bulk where I clearly don't need it and I've never had an issue/problem with my nipples, so there is little interest on that front. I'm still open to giving the CHP a fair shot once I get to my goal weight, but I'll be doing that via second hand first, for sure and won't really get my hopes up.

I told you this would be a long one!

On to the bra itself.
It might not be immediately obvious, but this, as expected, is too small for me. I'm thinking by about two cups - maybe one. The gore floats and I get considerable quadding when I press it flat. Part of me is worried I'll get gaping once it's of the appropriate size as there isn't much tissue that sits above the cups because of my short roots, but I won't worry about that now. 

It's difficult to see the details because of the lighting and color of the bra, but you should be able to see that the wires are too tall for me. It's not uncomfortable upon first try on, but may or may not worsen as the day progresses. I'll find out when I've shrunk a little and feel better about wearing it.
The shape it gives me when it's too small, is the opposite of pointy. In fact, it's nearly squared off. I suspect it would be a bit rounder when it actually fits and I'll show you why.

The above picture shows the profile of my left breast which is a bit smaller. This is one reason why I suspect I would get a rounder shape when my boobs aren't too big for it. 

The band on this bra is very short/tight. I would actually consider the band more like a loose 28/60 or tight 30/65. I have to wear a full extender because of it, but if I can get to my goal weight, I think I could manage without it - especially if it stretches out a bit with wear. I'd say the band is comparable with the one on the Czarna Mgielka.

I'm not the biggest fan of black and the flowers remind me of those tacky hawaiian shirts. I do like that there are varying degrees of transparency in the lace but I will also admit that I don't care for the color of the bow on the gore - it's just not my favorite shade of pink and polka dots isn't on the top of my list of prints, either. I do find the bra attractive, though it's obviously not my favorite of the bras I've purchased. 

Overall, it's not a bad bra. The fabric feels similar to the Trefl, but perhaps a bit softer because it's less substantial. It could be a fluke, but I would probably suggest getting a band size up from your usual Ewa size or two up from your usual UK size. I know Ewa tends to run tight, but this is exceptionally snug.

I intend to update the reviews of the HMs when I shrink and they fit better, so keep an eye out!

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