Comexim Basic

I swapped the Slowianki for the Comexim Basic in a 70L. The cups on it are reduced and the gore raised.

The basic is said to run .5-1 cup smaller than the rest of Comexim's padded plunges and I would agree with that. The customizations didn't come out like the ones on my Ingrid. The gore is a little lower and the cups seem a little taller but are measure up in height when I lay them on top of eachother.

It may not be a completely fair comparison because of this, despite being sister sizes with the same customizations, but I'll be comparing them anyway.

I would like to note that the following pictures (until I mention otherwise) were taken upon receiving the bra a number of weeks ago. I've since lost a couple cup sizes and have pictures to show the difference, that will follow these.

The fabric is soft, as are the wires. The straps are a bit more stretchy than I'm used to, but are certainly comfortable. There's a nice sheen to the materials and the color is great. Overall, this bra is very comfortable which seems like a consistant theme when it comes to Comexim's padded plunges.

This bra is a bit too small for me in these pictures. Even with the smaller boobs, today, it's still a smidge too small. The gore floats a bunch, which isn't anything new, but will always be a huge negative to me. A tacking gore just gives so much more support and is essential to keeping center full boobs from touching.

The wires are a little taller and wider than my Ingrid, but not really any less comfortable under the arms. It's still and will always be a welcome change to every other brand I've tried.

This is what the gore looked like. I was able to fit two fingers in that space.

The band on Ingrid is still too tight for me to wear without an extender. The band on the Basic was and still is perfect. It's snug enough to stay put but not so much that I feel like I'm being sawed in half. I believe it will still work for me even as I lose more weight.

Now on to the pictures from today, taken after losing 7lbs and about 2 cups.

You can see I get a bit of gaping at the gore because of my boobs pushing the wires away from my chest. If you read my last post, you may remember the gaping in the same spot on Ingrid. The Basic gapes considerably less but it's also still a bit too small. I'm almost wondering if it isn't because the top is a bit more closed off.

When I press the gore flat, I get a little quadding going on and my boobs touch. I think it's because the more closed off top is combined with a shorter gore which gives my excess center tissue nowhere to go.

The empty space at the straps as seen here, is the same as Ingrid. It's excessive with the gore floating, but when pressed flat, it's filled out a lot more. Those soft wires, guys. They're both a blessing and a curse - comfortable but illfitting. There has to be a bra out there that has both qualities instead of one or the other. I've gotten pretty close, but am determined to find one and many like it!

All in all, this is a great looking bra that is incredibly comfortable. I wish it fit better, but I'm pretty sure it's just a quirk of the brand and the way they make their bras. It's definitely something that would be welcome in many rotations, especially if you need a break from the strong wires of other brands.

Before I go, I have a number of interesting experiments on the way that you can look forward to reading about...

There's Kris Line Princessa which is a semi soft type of bra. I've heard they have a lot of room to accommodate center fullness, so we'll see how that goes. It's also the first Kris Line I'll have tried.
As I wrote this post, I also purchased a Comexim Nadin. I expect it to be too small, but I figure I'll shrink into it if my boobs continue on their current path. It's too pretty to pass up, either way.
Lastly in the bra department, I have Empreinte Sophia and Ophelia coming. They're in sizes that I or anyone would never expect to work for me, but the measurements would surprise you - meaning there is a good amount of hope! They might require a smaller boob to fit, but we'll see.
As an aside, I also bought a Cukiereczek Stringi. I may review it, if only for the sake of putting more information out there. I've never bought the matching bottoms to anything before so it's a little exciting. Not sure what to expect.

Oh! And I'm STILL waiting for my HM Fiolecik to get here. It left Poland on the 4th of February and the tracking hasn't been updated since. This is the longest a package from EM has taken to get to me and I'm not alone. Quite a few people have reported considerable delays for their packages coming to the US, as well. Hopefully it works itself out.

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