Ewa Michalak SM Wanilla

This bra seems to be slightly lesser known as I think it might be exclusive to Ewa's stockists... but don't quote me on that. It's yet another that I purchased second hand but this time as new, with tags. This one is a 65G that I believe the original owner got from Bra Obsessed .

While I love all things creamily colored, white wasn't really one I've been particularly drawn to when it comes to bras. I think it's because it was the only color I was able to get bras in before I found out about the 'true bra reality'. Despite all that, the Wanilla has really grown on me.

Please excuse the odd shadows on the wall. Mirrors are not always ideal for reflecting light :p

There is no denying the insanely high degree of femininity that Wanilla has going on - I mean hello, bridal vibes! But even as something for regular everyday wear, it still works as a pretty good neutral. The white is really striking when compared to the beige or cream bras I'm used to and the pink is super subtle; almost blending into my cool, pale skin. I imagine this bra could look ridiculously good on darker skin tones... so much pop!

The cups are basically a perfect fit (while a little tall at the strap, as per usual), unlike the 65FF Cukiereczek in my last review. While I can just barely get away with that one for a while, these cups are the type of fit I like. Sure, it's a bit more coverage, but it's still appealing to me and I do not have to fiddle and think about this one throughout the day. And boy, do I love the reliable tack!
Admittedly, the side shape the SM bras tend to give me varies on the "natural" spectrum than rounded. I don't mind it, though.

The down side of this size is that we're back to the armpit struggle. My tail of spence basically sits in the cups with how tall and wide-set the wings and straps are. Annoyingly, it seems like the sides could be lower than this because the actual underwires don't go all the way up to the end of the wire channel (shown below).

I'm guessing they use the wires of the 65FF plus more fabric, to get the extra coverage for the next cup up. Unfortunately, I don't need all this extra coverage and would much prefer the wing situation of the FF instead. I might look into alterations that lower the wing height but I don't want to compromise the look, feel and integrity of the bra.

On the bright side, without a wire extending all the way up, the extra fabric is only a minor nuisance. Though it's also (of course) visible under sleeveless tops. That's fine in winter, not so much during summer.

The hook and eye part of the band is a little wider than the Cukiereczek and also has four columns instead of three, which I only just realized. That's always something one can appreciate - who doesn't want to get more life and flexibility out of their bras?
The actual fit of the band is a little snug as it doesn't stretch very easily. It's like a loose 28/60 or tight 30/65.

The Wanilla has already become a favorite in my collection, with it's high level of comfort, support and appeal. I'm even looking forward to wearing it again, heh.

I don't know when or what my next review with be, but I do have my eye set on a couple things. Either way, I hope I'll have something to report on soon.


  1. Wow, what a cute little bra! <3 It looks lovely on your skin tone!

    Baaaah, bras too high on the sides buuuh...hate that feeling too :/

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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