Ewa Michalak SM Cukiereczek

This is the SM version of the Cukiereczek in 65FF. I've reviewed the HM version of this bra in two different (and bigger) sizes. While the HM and I never really got along, the SM styles have had a better success rate.

I won't touch on the appearance of the design as I've touched on it enough already. I'll just say that I'm still fond of it, though in my ideal world, the pink would be less bright.

This particular bra is a 65FF that I purchased second hand. When I first tried it on, the fit felt like a pretty good fit. Now that I've actually worn it, I think it's a bit on the smaller side. It might fit better if I didn't have so much center fullness because the gore tacks and I don't have any quadding at first, but the longer I wear it and move around, my boobs start to spill into the middle. 

At the moment, it's not so bad a fit that I'd immediately sell it, but because I can get obsessive about whether my boobs are sitting properly in the cups, I don't know how often I'll wear this over my other bras. I do know I would prefer to wear something that fits more reliably so I don't have to constantly think about and check on how things are going under my shirt. 

Because the cups on this one aren't quite right, I'm even more saddened by how uncharacteristically low and out of the way the wings, wires and straps are. Why would that make me sad? Well Ewa bras have always been on a mission to hang out in my armpits. The fact that this is probably the first one that isn't all up in there makes me like it more than I should because of the cups being off. If the sides weren't so comfortable, it would be another thing on my "should I sell it" checklist that would quickly tip the scales in favor of selling.

The band is the same as the one on my old 70G HM version of this. It has two narrow hooks instead of three. At this cup size though, it much less of an issue for me - my boobs just aren't that heavy anymore.

I'll wait it out and see how much I wear this one. It might not be very often judging by the first initial wear and comparing to the next bra I'll be reviewing. 

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  1. Oh, this bra is a true BEAUTY! <3

    Hope you get along with it after a few wears!

    kiss kiss
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