Ewa Michalak HM Cukiereczek

This was the other HM that came in my most recent order. My feelings still stand from my review of the 70H when it comes to it's appearance, so I'll stick to the fit in this post.

70G Ewa Michalak HM Cukiereczek

The fit is very similar to the HM Fiolecik in the same size (70G). The gore soft tacks, and even though it's a tiny bit less deep, it feels like the cups are a little different enough for it to fit the slightest bit better. In a conversation on Bratabase, I realized the gores on these 70Gs are a tiny bit taller than the 70Hs I had of the same bras when they should be scaled down at least a little seeing as they're a few cups smaller. I don't know if that's an intentional design or if there was something off when they made these, but I think I'd like the fit more if the gores were shorter.

There's more of that slight gaping, but it's something I can look past since it lies flat under tops. One thing I hadn't noted in my previous reviews is that the seams are a bit visible under form fitting, plain tops but I don't mind that either.

The wires come up to a higher point than the rest of the side/wings as is the case with the Fiolecik. Again, I wish the wires were more in line for added comfort and aesthetic reasons.

For some reason, this bra is more like the older HM models than the newer ones in that there's only two hooks instead of the usual three. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional, but it's still unfortunate. Not uncomfortable, but more hooks would be preferred.

I'm pretty satisfied with the fit of this, but it could be better. I do think these will be my last pair of HM bras unless I come across something really special as they don't work out for me as well as other bras have.
I'd like to give this bra a shot in the SM cut after my previously mentioned success with the SM Burek. It may have been a fluke or my weight loss might have changed my shape enough that the SM works quite well... but the fact that this and the Fiolecik are essentially a different colored Burek, gives me hope.

Aside from the Fiolecik thong, this is the only other matching pair of underwear I've bought. My hips measure in at 36", but as I've mentioned in my last review, I prefer a smoother/looser fit for comfort and aesthetics, so these are 10/38. They fit the same as the Fiolecik thong - very well and comfortably. Now that I own two matching sets, I'm slowly coming over to the dark side... more matching undies, please! It really creates a special look that you can't really duplicate with just a 'complimentary' pair.

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