Miss Mandalay Paige

This is yet another bra I acquired used while I was MIA. 
When I first got it, the fit was pretty sad, but it has both improved and gotten worse with more weight loss. Unfortunately, it's not something I can or would wear, though it's not because of the appearance itself.

30GG Miss Mandalay Paige

When I first acquired the bra, it fit pretty terribly. The pictures on Bratabase illustrate that, but I'll include one here for reference. 

There was a ton of quadding at the gore because it's much more of an east west fit, so the center is quite splayed/shallow. Since I've lost more volume, I no longer get the quadding so the fit has improved but seemingly also worsened in other areas.
The rest of the photos will be of how it fits today.

You can see how it's a pretty down-turned shape even from the front view. It makes me think this bra is better suited towards an FOB shape and if I had known that beforehand (my fault for not researching), I would have avoided this bra. 
Even when I first got it, the gore soft tacked. It tacks very firmly now despite all of my center fullness and unfortunately, it's because the wires are very firm. Coupling that with the poor shaping, it's just not the bra for me.

The wings are way up in my armpits and the wires are much too wide. You can see more of the flattened, down-pointed shape from the side, as well.

The band is very short and firm. While it just about reaches 30" stretched, I have to wear it with a full extender, which makes the straps sit very far out onto my shoulders/sides. 

The ends of the band don't even reach each other when it's laid flat. 

The lace detailing is dainty and complimentary to the pinkish berry tone on the rest of the bra. I think the coloring is what drew me to it in the first place. 
Lesson learned though... A pretty bra does not a good fit make... or something. 
And do your research first!

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