Cleo Lily (Again)

The Lily and I have been friends since the beginning of my proper bra life. There have been ups and downs as you may know, but we're back on good terms now and I hope it stays that way!

30GG Cleo Lily

While these pictures were taken only a month ago, the fit has since changed a little. It's currently a little too big in the cup because I'm still losing the last few pounds. I believe I'm headed towards a true 30G in both the Lily (and Marcie), but the fit was pretty spot on. It's just a little loose at the top, at the moment.

The shape the Lily gives me is always very round and considerably uplifted. The gore tacks firmly and isn't terribly high.

I would prefer it if the wings were lower and the wires more U shaped, but I've come to learn some wires shape variety can be good to have in a rotation. As long as the bra is already comfy, having the pressure be applied in a different spot can be a nice relief if you're starting to get a bit sore from a particular bra - like if you wear a bunch of SMs in the same size/that fit very similarly.

The band fits very well despite having only two hooks instead of three. I don't get particularly irritated by it or the materials, though, so it gets a pass from me.

It's not the worst color pairing in the world, but I'm not the biggest fan of blue. I've been meaning to buy some dye to experiment on it with, but haven't figured all that out yet. Once I do, it will certainly be covered in a blog post!

Despite the cups being a bit big right now, I'm happy Lily and I are getting along again. The last two I had were 30HH/J and they were practically trying to kill me with how tall they were all over. I think in a little more time, I'll grab another in 30G and hope we continue on our harmonious path.

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