Comexim Joy Plunge

This is the second item from my Comexim order, but the first of the bras.
For the record, my requests on all of the items I ordered were to have the cups reduced, straps moved in and gore lowered. Of the three in the order, only the Pin Up Girl has the lowered gore. Also, I had requested and was charged for the Joy longline with plunge cups instead of half cups. Unfortunately, this is a plunge but not a longline. It's not all bad because I had seen a lot of mixed reviews on the fit of the longline and was getting a little worried, but nevertheless, it isn't what I asked for.

Despite all of that, I'm incredibly happy with this and my order as a whole. I was able to order through the website and leave the alterations I wanted in the comment box at checkout, albeit with mixed results.
I just realized that even though I've owned quite a few Comexim bras, I've never actually ordered from them directly. Manufacturing time for three custom pieces was reasonably quick at two weeks. Once it shipped, it arrived in a surprising 6 days - with plenty of time before my vacation!

65J Comexim Joy plunge with reduced cup height and straps moved in.

Ever since Comexim posted photos of the Joy on their Facebook page, I've been drooling over it. We all know I'm a big sucker for floral prints and I especially love the colors on this one. Joy is undoubtedly a fitting name for this print. The lace overlay on the top makes it even more feminine, as if the floral print wasn't enough already. Love it.

As with the Pin Up Girl and upcoming (and previously reviewed) Ingrid, I'm very, very happy with the fit. The gore tacks as well as I would ever hope for and there isn't an excessive amount of gaping at the straps. All of this is thanks to the reduced cup height and moved in straps. I spoke of my theories in my last review, but for the sake of being thorough, I believe having the straps moved in creates better leverage throughout the cups which not only gives better lift, but also eliminates the floating and gaping of outward turning cups.

Joy on bottom, Ingrid in middle and Pin Up Girl on top.
I'm not particularly disappointed with the standard gore height because the fit is still very good. The standard height is a bit more secure, so it could be better for everyday.

One thing I have noticed is that the apex of the cups sit quite high and east/west. Surprisingly, it doesn't change the shape I get. It's perhaps a tad bit off from my angle looking down, but it isn't otherwise noticeable - still lifted, centered and mostly round.
The cups on me seem a tad small, but I don't quad or spill out so I'm happy with the size and alterations.

Again, just like the Pin Up, Joy is wonderfully low on the sides. I tossed on a tank top and was really glad to see how little of the bra peaked through the arm holes of the shirt. Bra showing in that area is something I (and many others) usually have to live with and it's become a big pet peeve of mine, now that the weather is warming up.

Both bras and the bikini top all fit very similarly in the band. They're pretty true to size, measuring right around 30" and are only a tiny bit tighter than I'd like. That will surely change with wear, so not I'm disappointed in this department.
Noting again that this was supposed to be a longline, but that version was said to run quite loose and shift around a lot, so perhaps it was for the best. I will certainly try one in the (near?) future, though.

Even if the Joy didn't turn out exactly as I had asked, I'm in no way unhappy with this version of Joy. I have no regrets!
A little side note, when I was taking these lovelies out of their bags, I thought the cups were tiny and that they surely wouldn't fit. While they are surprisingly all a smidge too small, I thought it amusing that I still expect to see cups as big as my face. Eventually, I'll get used to having middling sized boobs again!

PS: That bow is literally the perfect shade of green. *swoon*

For more details on this Comexim order, check out the Pin Up Girl review and the Ingrid review!

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