Comexim Pin Up Girl Bikini Top

Guys, I'm so super pumped about this thing. I was afraid it wouldn't fit because of all my size fluctuation but it's sooo good! Let's just get right to it!

65J Comexim Pin Up Girl Bikini Top with Reduced cups, lowered gore and straps moved in.

The last Comexim I had was a 65K Mint Sorbet that was entirely too big for me. It didn't have any alterations so it was hard to tell how much smaller I needed to go. Reduced cup height is absolutely necessary for me, but I knew I wanted to try a lowered gore and the straps moved in which would certainly make the cups smaller. With all that and the fact that I'm leaning towards 30FF in Marcie, I was really unsure how things would turn out with a 65J.

I'm very pleased to say that the fit on this (and the two bras I got) is the best I've gotten out of Comexim. I've always been pretty satisfied with their plunges with reduced cup height because they're very comfortable and sit much lower under the arms. There are usually a few problems with them on me, like a floating or soft tacking gore and some gaping in different areas, but I have none of these issues now. I will admit that this is a tad small, but I only experience a negligible amount of quadding/spilling in the middle. Regardless, the gore tacks wonderfully and I think it fits beautifully for a bikini. I'm also anticipating maybe a quarter to half cup of boob loss as I lose the last few pounds, so it can only get better.

Rarely have I ever thought "I wish the straps weren't so wide-set" when it came to Comexim's plunges, but having experienced the alteration now, I will never go back! I feel like it's a large reason I'm getting significantly more lift and the gore tacks perfectly. I'm thinking it gives better leverage throughout more of the cup so it doesn't fall away from the body towards the center anymore. Not only does it make the cups fit better, but the straps sit perfectly on my shoulders without having to angle them inwards.
This success has brought to light another issue I had been having but perhaps overlooked because I was concerned with "more important" fit issues that needed to be addressed. I'm definitely a strap alteration convert.

After taking the measurements of the three plunges, I think this is the only one that actually had the gore lowered. I laid them all on top of each other out of curiosity, and my suspicions look be to confirmed. The difference isn't dramatic and I can go either way, really, so I don't mind. I'm seriously so happy with them that all mistakes are forgiven.

Love, love, love the low wings and wires. Because all of my tissue is at the center instead of towards my arms, I have no need for all the extra fabric. The strap and cup alterations give me a huge range of motion without my tail of spence being chafed. It's amazing.

Something I was pleasantly surprised to learn is that instead of the plastic you usually see on bikini clasps, Comexim uses metal. The strap adjusting thingers (I know all the things, guys!) are also metal. I don't know what kind of metal, but I am one of the many that are allergic to nickle, so I'll find out one way or another - hopefully not by getting a rash. I have taken to using clear nail polish for those situations, so I'm not too worried.
The band is quite true for a 30/65 and feels/looks pretty good for a bathing suit.

Having recently tried, sent back and reordered a Cleo bikini top, I will say that the materials on the Pin Up Girl don't feel as nice. The Cleo felt silky but sturdy and this, while certainly not uncomfortable, isn't as soft. For (half!) the price, fit and comfort though, I really can't (and won't) complain.

I'm dying to wear this on my upcoming vacation next month and I can already tell it's going to be a much better experience than last year when I was wearing a Freya plunge bikini top. That thing left bruises under my arms because of how tall and wide it was and the Pin Up Girl is the complete opposite.

For those wondering how it fits when compared to their plunge bras, I think I can safely say they're more or less the same. Granted, this one has a lower gore and thinner straps, but there isn't a huge difference in general.
Part of me wishes I ordered the matching bottoms, but since black and white polka dots are quite neutral, it goes quite well with the bottoms I already have. Maybe next time. ;)

I really can't recommend Comexim enough for those that need low and narrow wires or have any fit issues that can be fixed by the many alterations they will do. I hope they stay in business forever because they're now officially my favorite, most comfortable and best fitting brand. Now if only they would up their unlined game!

For more details on this Comexim order, check out my Joy review and Ingrid review!

UPDATE August 1, 2015: Since writing this review, I've gone swimming in the Pin Up Girl and I have to say, it didn't go very well. Because the alterations made it so low coverage, it's very easy for my boobs to escape with the help of water. It's wonderfully cute and comfortable, but I don't intend on wearing it to swim again as it requires too much adjusting. Lounging on the other hand... ;)


  1. Questions!
    It looks like it doesn't have adjustable back, is this the case?
    I've ordered 2 65Ls from zathiya testing out size and the Irish lace I can wear on middle hooks without slippage but could easily do tightest. The red toile I wear on tightest and find band moving.
    I ordered 3 in 60 and 2 of them (houndstooth and Ingrid) I had to wear with an extender for a bit as loosest hooks caused band to dig in a bit on the sides of my ribcage but after 2 wears fit beautifully without extender.
    My poppies 60 band was fine from the get go.

    I imagine being bathing suit material I ought to stick with 60 band, but I would be curious to know how firm you find the band.

    1. You might have figured things out by now with this reply being so late, so I apologize!
      In case you're still in need of info, You're right that this has only one hook/clasp, so you can't adjust it. I found the band to be pretty firm, barely reaching 30". It's very comparable to the Ingrid I have (also 65J), if that tells you anything. I will say the band feels a little less supportive because it doesn't have the same 3 rows of hook and eyes as their regular bras, so if you prefer a snug/secure fit, the 60 might be better. Of course you unfortunately wouldn't be able to wear an extender if it turns out it's too tight, so it could be a risk.
      I haven't worn it enough to learn much else, but hopefully this was at least a little helpful :) Sorry again for the delay!

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