Beige Cleo Marcie

Recently, Large Cup Lingerie and Bravissimo got the release of the beige Marcie from Cleo. They seem to have gotten very limited stock for some reason, so when I first found out, LCL had already sold out of 30G. A short while later, I tried on my red 30G Marcie and realized it was too big, so I rushed back to the LCL website and bought the (seemingly last) 30FF.
I'm still trying to figure out what to make of it.

I love the beige color they chose for this bra. My skin is pretty pink in tone and this beige is definitely on the pink/peach side of things. It's a really nice color, in my opinion, and it serves very well as a nude on me. Ignoring the lighter colored polka dots, of course. It took them way too long to come out with neutral colors like this and the black. I just hope they keep them as continuity colors... but I won't hold my breath.

At first glance, the fit is pretty good. Even in reality, it's probably only about half a cup too small for me. Unfortunately, the cut seems off when I compare it to my 30G and I believe it's because it's considerably more shallow at the bottom of the cups. I can think of a couple reasons as to why this might be the case.

The first reason for the lack of depth could be because the fit of this Marcie still hasn't been completely corrected since it was recalled a few months ago. I'm unsure of all the reasons and problems people had with it the first time it was released, but if I consider the fact that it has limited availability, we could have the answer. It is a little odd that Panache wouldn't give their retailers more of a bra that's both generally popular and in high demand colors. They could be testing the waters to make sure the kinks are ironed out before a full-on re-release.

The other reason I can think of is that the cut changes between FF/G cups. The 30G has considerably more projection at the bottom and I have quite a bit of gapping at the top. In the 30FF, the gore barely soft tacks and there's a distinct lack of what I would describe as little pockets of projection that the G has. I'll post pictures taken back to back, in both sizes, to compare. Hopefully you can see the difference.

Extra pic to show gaping.

Please forgive my extra elegant, plastic witch hazel bottle :p
If the 30FF had the same amount of projection as the 30G, I think the fit would be nearly perfect. Unfortunately, I'll have to lose around half a cup for this to fit as I'd like it to. It's definitely still passable though and I'm very happy with the comfort as the wires and wings are very low in comparison and it's pretty amazing. This is the only other bra besides my Comexims that barely shows under sleeveless tops.
I took photos of it under a white, tightish tank top to illustrate both the "nude" capabilities and underarm show.

The light colored accents are only a little visible and there's just a tiny bit of wing fabric peeking through. Note to self: alter the loose straps on your tank tops, now that your boobs don't need so much room!

If my boobs manage to continue to shrink enough for the gore to tack nicely, I'll be completely satisfied with this bra - despite the cut being different from what I've come to expect from Marcie. Keeping an eye out for more info on this newly released batch and will hopefully figure out which is the reason it's so different.

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