Freya Pansy Padded Longline

I came across an amazing deal on a 30G Pansy Padded Longline from Freya and decided to give it a shot. My logic was that now that I've sized down into the "full bust matrix" (D-G cups), it would be a crime not to try any beautiful bras that are cheap enough to justify the gamble. I wasn't sure what to expect since the only Freya I've even tried was a plunge halter bikini top, but this experiment went better than I anticipated.

Not only is this the first Freya bra I've tried, but it's also the first longline I've even seen in person. I've always dreamed of having one but was sized out of the majority of them and also afraid because they're usually "wide and shallow halfcups". Not to mention every one that I can think of has been padded and I much prefer unlined. Why don't unlined longlines exist?!

Moving on, this bra is gorgeous. I'm actually not the biggest fan of blue, but the complimenting shades of purple in this print make it very appealing to me. I do love me a good floral, so that helps as well.

The gore genuinely soft tacks in most positions and when I slouch, it only floats a tiny bit at the very top. I expected it to be much worse, but was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. The projection at the gore isn't great and it's definitely not adequate enough for me. I might try narrowing the gore since it's an inch wide, making it wider than I'm used to. It'll also open the cups a little which might give me extra space in the middle and it'll tighten the band a bit.

I'm happy to report that the cups don't really gape. They're only a tiny bit too tall by the straps, but I don't have tissue there so what else should I expect.

I do feel the need to angle the straps in because they feel a bit too wide-set. I will also say that the straps dig into the front of my arms, right at armpit level. It's not particularly uncomfortable so far, but we'll see how it goes with longer wear times.

The cups are definitely too shallow. They collapse right above the wire which creates a pretty big wrinkle. The wires are also too wide, but mostly the wrong shape for me. They aren't uncomfortable, though.

The band is stretchy and is most comfortable on the middle or even the tightest set of hooks. I wasn't totally surprised by this because everyone says Freya bands are known to be rather loose/big/stretchy and this is no exception.
Not gunna lie, when I went to put it on, the number of hooks was intimidating for a second. I fumbled with all the extra fabric but it was surprisingly easy to hook them all once I got the first one set. It does feel a little weird to wear because of how long the band is. I think because I'm not used to having so much fabric, I constantly feel like the band is riding down... though in some ways it is moving down because the cups are too shallow and my boobs are trying to find more room. I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable, but it will take some getting used to.

I'm not sure how I feel about the appearance of the back. I think the combination of the strap placement and materials makes it look a bit awkward. Maybe if the print or lace was carried out through more of the back, or if the straps were set further out to the sides, it would look better. I do love the smooth look the longline gives. I usually get a little bump or roll going right below where a typical bra band sits because it's being pushed down into my squish. It wasn't much of a bother to me, but I do appreciate the better distribution of pressure and it's nice under form fitting shirts.

This bra has some of my usual problems and some unfamiliar problems going on with it, but as of this writing, I think it still manages to be something I can work with. It would probably be better if I could have gotten it in a 28GG, but the 30G was not only the last size they had left, but Freya also doesn't make it in cups bigger than G.

One more thing to add - I was always under the impression that if I could just get a longline, I could wear the sleeveless tank tops that have the wide armholes. While having a longline visible instead of a typical bra looks better, the size of my boobs and my posture are what really hold me back from being able to pull off the look. I have a terrible time trying to stand up straight and while I consider my boobs as more average sized now, they're still too big to make those kinds of shirts look as effortless and dare I say elegant as someone with a much smaller chest would look. That's ok though!

I'll update whether or not the gore alteration ends up fixing some of these issues, but I think it's safe to say that I can see myself wearing this bra on occasion. That could certainly change though and it wouldn't be the first time!

UPDATE: I took the band in, along with the gore and the fit is so much better. The band is perfectly snug and the gore tacks.

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