Cleo Marcie (Also again, but this time in yellow!)

Marcie is yet another friend of mine... for the most part. Purchased used, this bra was a bit too small at first but now it's a slightly different story.

As is the trend with me right now, this 30G Marcie was on the small side at first, but is now passable. The gore tacks beautifully and I get the typical round, uplifted shape from it.
On a related note, up until very recently I had a 30GG but I had quite a bit of gaping on the top. I had initially gotten that one because I wasn't sure if or when my boobs would get small enough to fit this one better.

The color isn't the worst but I'm not sure it's doing much for me. I do have a red one coming in the same size so hopefully I'll have positive things to say about that one.

There's isn't a whole lot I can say about Marcie that I haven't already covered in previous posts, but I will say this one is pretty comfortable. The wires/wings are actually pretty low, which I was surprised about at first, but I guess since I'm getting into the smaller cup territory it'll be more and more common... and that's great!

Despite this being a used bra, the band is incredibly firm/short. It doesn't even reach a full 30" even though it seems like it was used a decent amount. It doesn't feel bad without it, but I definitely prefer it with a couple extra hooks of an extender.

Knowing I have another, more preferable color on the way and that I normally wear a poorly fitting "sports bra" while at home, I'm actually thinking about using this as a home bra instead. It would be nice to have actual support while hanging around the house and I can't say how much wear this would get otherwise, so it seems like a good idea to me.
I'll report back once the red version arrives.

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