Altered Comexim Ingrid

The last of the three in this order is no stranger to my blog. I've already reviewed it in a 65M with reduced cups and raised gore. This time it's 65J with reduced cups and the straps moved in. If you've read my last two reviews, you know I asked for all three to have the gores also lowered, but only the Pin Up Girl received that treatment so this is the standard height.

65J Comexim Ingrid with reduced cups and straps moved in.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much I love this print. The fact that I've reordered it speaks for itself! Ingrid is to die for, in my opinion, although the dark shades on the flowers prevents it from being the best "nude" under some tops.

The fit is very comparable to the Joy and the Pin Up Girl, but to a lesser extent. My new found love for the reduced cup height and strap alteration combo is not challenged with Ingrid. It feels fantastic and will be standard for me, from now on.
Where there was once a floating gore, it now tacks beautifully. No more gaping at the straps or where the cups turned out at the gore. It's just snug little pillow cases for my pillows. Ok, that was too much... moving on!

As with Joy, the apex sits a bit high and to either side. The shape is still pleasing to me under clothing, so it's not really an issue to me.

There is that perfect wing and wire combo, again! I don't think I could reasonably ask for a better height under the arms. It's what makes Comexim so incredibly comfortable, for me. There's minimal bra peek under tank tops, too! A Match made in heaven, if you ask me.

As is the trend with this particular order, the band feels spot on for a 30/65. I'd prefer it a little less tight, but it won't stay this way as long as it gets worn.

Ingrid and I have been reunited and I couldn't be happier because she fits even better than last time. I'm hoping I don't change dramatically in size now that I'm close to my goal weight. That way we can grow old together. <3

For more details on this Comexim order, check out the Pin Up Girl review and the Joy review!

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