Ewa Michalak HM Fiolecik

Towards the end of April, I placed another order with Ewa Michalak for two HMs to replace the previous ones that were too small and then too big. They finally arrived today, over a month later. This time around, they took a while to ship, but once they did, they arrived rather quickly. I actually thought to email them for a tracking number but they got here before I even got around to it.

70G Ewa Michalak HM Fiolecik

While I was waiting for this one, I bought a used 65GG SM Burek (review to come) that fits surprisingly well. I was surprised because I hadn't really had much success with the SM cut in the past. Because of how well the Burek fit, I was hoping to buy the Fiolecik in the SM form as well. Unfortunately, they seem to have sold out of most of the sizes for it already. Luckily, the fit on this HM isn't half bad.

The gore soft tacks as is, which makes me wonder if I should try the same tricks as I did on the Finezja and see if it can't get any better. One downside of these HMs that I've come to realize is that the gores are pretty tall. After wearing my Burek a couple times, the HM gore feels too tall for most tops that are low cut. In the colder months, it's not a problem, but I'm not one to have bras for different outfits or occasions apart from "nudes" for light shirts. I prefer the idea of being able to wear whatever - whenever, instead of letting a bra 'rot' in my closet until I decide to wear an outfit it works with. That's one reason why I haven't bothered trying to find a strapless yet... besides knowing it'll be a nightmare.

I have a small amount of gaping at the top of the cups which seems to be a recurring theme with the HM and my short boobs. It is what it is - not as big of a deal to me.

As with the Finezja and the upcoming Cukiereczek, the wings are under 4" which is always a plus in my book. I am noticing that the wires seem to be taller then the rest of the materials on the side of the bra, which others might appreciate, but I find unnecessary and wish they were in line so they aren't as tall. In fact, that's something Comexim does that I miss since shrinking out of the plunges I had of theirs. I really need to get me some Comexim in my new size!

Of the three HMs that I have, the Fiolecik is actually the odd one out when it comes to the band construction. For some reason, it's the only one with three hooks and I don't know why. Aside from the older models, all of the HMs I've owned have had three hooks, which I definitely prefer for both aesthetic and support reasons.

I'm glad the fit isn't totally far off because it's probably the prettiest a black bra can be, in my opinion. The icy purple is stunning in contrast to the stark black. Totally unique.
Nothing about this bra has irritated my skin so far, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this one.
I would love to own it in the SM cut, but such is life I suppose. Just have to keep an eye out for a secondhand one.

For (technically) the first time, I ordered the matching thong. I say technically because I actually bought a new, with tags Cukiereczek thong second hand a couple months ago. I have them both in a 10/38 which is the second to smallest size they make them in. I believe my measurements are closer to the 8/36, but I prefer a slightly looser fit for comfort and to avoid the squeezing/muffin-topish effect a tighter elastic can give. I'm not usually a thong person, but I figured having a thong or two wouldn't hurt and they do fit really well and are very comfortable. I can see why a lot of ladies love a matching set!

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