Ewa Michalak SM Burek

So this is the 65GG SM Burek I purchased used. It has either beaten out or tied the Cynamon as the best fitting SM bra I've had so far. The last time I was this size, I couldn't get an SM to tack, let alone as firmly as this one does. It has given me new hope in the SM cut and I'm now on the lookout for more, though it could be a fluke.

As mentioned, the gore tacks wonderfully. It could be that it was made slightly differently in a way that just works, or with my weight loss, my shape has changed. Either way, I ain't complaining. The Burek was my first love when I started ye olde bra quest and I still find it just as attractive. The color is very flattering, in my opinion, and if it weren't for the green embroidery, it would serve rather well as a nude. 

The cups fits pretty wonderfully. They firmly hold my boobs high and towards the center. There's also no gaping aside from at the straps, but what's a short rooted girl to do about that?
On a side note, for some reason the bows are a different color from the last Burek I owned, and from the pictures of others I've seen. I don't know if they were originally the pink color and something happened with the previous owner or if they just attached the wrong color, but I don't mind it much. The color isn't so off that it clashes terribly. 

The wires, as in true EM fashion, sit higher up than the rest of the side materials, but it could be worse. After a few wears, they haven't proved to be a problem in terms of irritation. I would just prefer them to be lower so it would show less at the arm opening of sleeveless tops.

The band is pretty much perfectly snug and has my preferred three hooks. The coloring of the straps and band work so well together, too.

I can't tell you how happy I was when I first put this bra on and saw how well it fit. I think this Burek has marked the end of my affair with the HM and rekindled my desire for more SMs. Hopefully I'll have the same luck!

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