Cleo Marcie - Black and Burgundy (30FF)

I've had my eye on the black Marcie for a long time, but with the recall and lack of stockists, getting my hands on one wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Bravissimo has had it for a while now but after they sent a return package back to me nearly two years go that put me out a bunch of money and knowing their shipping is pretty damn expensive, I was having trouble justifying the purchase. Then a few things started piling up and I was slowly convincing myself.
First, I bought this (cheap) bodystocking on Amazon and knew it would go very well with a black bra. Then I wanted to start a little DIY project that would also work best with a black bra (post definitely coming on that one). Lastly, Panache released the beautiful "burgundy" version of Marcie and of course Bravissimo carries that as well, so I knew it was time to place an order.

I'll be going over both bras in this single post since I've covered Marcie a boat load already.

Both the black and burgundy colors fit similarly to the beige I own in the same size (30FF). They're all lacking in the immediate projection department and just barely fit. Though I will say, once you see the following pictures, you'll be like "Fit? Girl, no."... but I'll explain. :)

All three bras have some in-cup quadding going on, but the black is the biggest offender. The burgundy is probably the second worst and it's least noticeable in the beige. After taking these pictures, I tried the black on with an extender and the quadding was brought down to the level of the beige. I believe because the band on the black is a bit tighter than the other colors (typical side effect of black dye), the cups are pulled a little wider when worn on its own.

The quadding is a bit more subtle from the side, but definitely still noticeable on the black version. I'm hoping with a little wear and perhaps a little elbow grease, the bumps will lessen over time so I won't always have to wear an extender with it.

The wires are on the soft side but are low and narrow. While I only had both bras on briefly, they felt comparable in comfort to the beige, so I'm sure I won't have any problems.

The straps are thin and stretchy which look dainty and cute, but isn't totally ideal. Just like my Lily (and beige), there's significant bounce with subtle movements.

Usually, when people look for a neutral bra, they want it legitimately neutral, so I can appreciate the use of the black bow on a black bra. I also really love the complimenting bow choice on the burgundy version. It looks much more sophisticated and put together than the typical contrasting colors they've used normally.
It may be nitpicky, but I feel like perhaps the color isn't exactly burgundy. When I think of burgundy, I think of something with more red than this has. This burgundy a comes off bit more "eggplant" to me, but I know there isn't just one shade of either color to definitively say one way or the other - it's just how I feel about it.

Now that I have most of my bases covered in terms of bras, I might be done with them for a while. Unless I fall in love with one or my boobs change, I only see myself buying a longline and it will probably be from Comexim or perhaps Anna Pardal.

Before I go, I do want to comment on the black Marcie/bodystocking combo. I do really like how they look together, however there is a "but". Because the fishnet is so open, the bra feels a bit heavy when paired with it. Ideally, I would have gotten something with strong black details but still keeping the see-through theme... much like the SM Nana Bezowa or SM Czarna Mgielka. Unfortunately, those are hard to come by since they've been discontinued, but I'll keep an eye out. Maybe if I find one or something similar, I might be open to a post showing and comparing the two looks. I'd also have to figure out a way to keep the photos at a level of modesty I'm comfortable with.

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  1. The Marcie bras are extremely beautiful, especially the burgundy! Are you selling them?